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01 June 2012 @ 12:05 pm
this and that  
It's been a really, really long while, hasn't it?

Most of this summer was spent in university as well, same as the last one. =_= It's sad, but as a student, I suppose I must endeavor to act like one. Even though the ability to graduate on time wasn't granted to me by the gods of education, the next best thing is to graduate as soon as possible, hence the summer courses. Which I passed! Calculus (my second stab at it, and I passed this time with a rather high grade if I may say so myself) and Social Dance (I wasn't the best, but I was decent).

Anyway, here's what happened during my summer vacation!

☀ The books I bought to read over summer were Terry Pratchett's Maskerade and Carpe Jugulum. I've finished both of them now, so I always find myself with tons of spare time, which I spend online, responsibly catching up with manga.

☀ Also, Shin Prince of Tennis anime. :D I could only watch it, because my attention span had too many things going on for me to read. Well... thinking back, that reasoning doesn't really make sense to me right now, but for some obscure reason, it was like every time I clicked to a new page... my mind flitted away to something else?

☀ Watched one episode of Hyouka (the first episode to be exact), and then the internet started acting up this way and that, so I couldn't watch the rest, or something. Haha. But! I managed to watch up to episode 6 of Kuroko no Basuke, so maybe the internet is just being picky.

☀ And speaking of darling Kurokocchi, I finally caught up to the latest chapter. Ah, Murasakibara is such a... complex yet simple guy. I can't explain it. I like him a lot, knowing how he's associated with Kuroko, but his attitude towards Kiyoshi pisses me off. =u= Meanwhile, my favorite character is perpetually changing from Kuroko to Kise and Kiyoshi... needless to say, I ship Kurokocchi with everyone (but my OTP will forever be KiseKuro~)

☀ One more manga that I caught up to is Katekyo Hitman Reborn! I'm finally over my resentment towards how Yamamoto got sent to the hospital, so that's that. The latest arc is a bit shocking, but I'm so glad to see Spanner again! He's the only character from the future that I missed a lot, and it's so cute that his first order of business upon arriving at Team Yuni's hideout is to give Tsuna candy~ @v@ Anyway, the characters are all getting cooler with every chapter, aren't they?

☀ Lastly, my current task! One Piece! I'm up to chapter 633 now. Once again, Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates are very impressive. :D It's so fun that I have to stop here and go back to reading! Ciao!
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.carolin e.wingedcrash on June 4th, 2012 11:01 am (UTC)
Sugarcakes, it's been too long! And yet I've no hope that this is the first of many new entries. :( Keeping expectations down prevent me from being disappointed and gives you the chance to pleasantly surprise me!

Maybe it's a sign that's you're not meant to be watching Hyouka. It is, after all, not the most exciting thing on earth. And yet I immediately watch the new episode once it comes out. And then a second time later that day. :|

They are rather cute, aren't they?

If I annoy you, will you write a KiseKuro fic to make me stop? :D
rockingroad: pikachu | you sad sad manrockingroad on June 4th, 2012 01:24 pm (UTC)
Well, it could be the start of a chain of entries. Then again, humans are so fickle...

Houtarou's bedhead is adorable. Also getting up, and the disheveled pajamas are more erotic than the enormous *coughcough* song.
Hee, the drooly face is cute, too~

That depends. I feel like I've lost the ability to write anything. It hurts my hurt, but at least I'm really trying to get back into it! \O/ ONE DAY!
.carolin e.: i'll pass on this onewingedcrash on June 4th, 2012 02:56 pm (UTC)
So maybe when you've decided against making another entry soon your fickleness will lead you to do otherwise? :D

It is. I like his hair in general. It looks floofy. It's not hard (haha) to get more erotic than that song since it's not very erotic at all.
I mostly enjoyed how close that drooly face was to Oreki's non-drooly face. (It's not like I ship it...but...it's so inevitable that I do, sigh.)

How sad. It's very sad. *hugs* :( Maybe looking at the prompts of the Kuroko no Basket anon meme tumblr will inspire you! Though I am confused how you're supposed to stay anon as you show the blog what you've written. For some reason Aomine/Kise is more popular than I'm comfortable with in the English-speaking fandom.