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28 February 2014 @ 06:23 pm
Well, well. Look who's returned after disappearing and virtually forgetting about this blog for more than a year. (It's me.)

So many things have happened since then, me graduating from university being one of them-- though technically, with the graduation ceremony yet to happen... That aside, I am also the owner of a new Siamese fighting fish named Napoleon. I got him last October to celebrate the end of academic endeavours.

Lastly, art blog, banzai!


I've been reading a lot of manga and webcomics (mostly manga) and watching a lot of anime since my studies ended forever. Sports, school romance, fighting, sports, magical girls, sports... ah, maybe specifying the titles is a better idea. (These are ones I started reading/watching from November to present.)

✪ Yowamushi Pedal - anime & manga
Bicycles and otakus and bike otakus. Onoda Sakamichi is such a cute protagonist and very relatable in certain aspects. For example, being late for class because:

The manga is super behind scanlation-wise, but the wait is so worth it. Either way, it's still ahead of the anime.

The characters are all super adorable with these little quirks (as expected of a sports manga). Ahaha, I feel refreshed every time a new subbed episode comes out~

✪ Ace of Diamond - anime & manga
At first it was like, no. I will not be sucked into another baseball manga. The feels I get from Oofuri will last me a lifetime. Nay, two lifetimes! Then I read the manga and it was like, man that main character is so high tension I get tired just looking at him. Also he's kind of annoying.

Famous last words. I am so deep in this fandom that I made fanart

✪ Ansatsu Kyoushitsu - manga
A mega-high-speed octopus-like creature is resolved to destroy the earth but things happen and somehow the arrangement is that the alien becomes the homeroom teacher for the lowest-ranked class in a certain school. For an entire year he will teach that class the ways of assassination. If no one manages to kill him within that time period, he'll destroy the earth.

It's a heart-warming tale of a young octopus teacher, Korosensei, who imparts life-changing lessons to his students, who in turn gradually transform into smarter and stronger people. Nevertheless, the bottom line is this:

✪ Hamatora - anime
My current feelings for this anime can be summarized with this:

Detectives with powers (or Minimum, as they call it). Nice--that's his name, yes--is the most talented of all the Minimum-users-- according the school he dropped out of. This turns out to be a curse as he becomes an object of fixation for a deranged individual. Anyway, Nice and Murasaki form a detective duo (alongside more characters with ridiculous names like Birthday and Ratio) with slightly different opinions on which cases to accept. But they're bros, and that's what matters.

Warning: Major Character Death (though it depends on your definition of major)

✪ Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha - anime & manga
School romance with a supernatural twist! Or Fushimi Inari believes her love to be unrequited when her crush confesses to a popular classmate. She goes to the temple and wishes to be that classmate, the god grants her wish, and in the end Inari gets the godly power of transformation.

These cute babies~~~ aaaaaa;;

✪ Meganebu! - anime
4 guys and 1 provisional member make up the Glasses Club. Their primary goal is to create x-ray glasses to peep on women. Incidentally, no woman ever appears for the entire series.

✪ Log Horizon - anime
Trapped in an rpg, the characters are forced to recreate a functional society. A lot of politics and shrewdness.

✪ Servant x Service - anime
An anime about civil servants! Hasebe and Lucy are so cute, like so:

...but maaan all of the characters are weird. For one, Lucy became a civil servant to seek revenge on the person who approved her weird name (I won't spoil it). Anyway, it never gets boring and the mystery behind Lucy's name is eventually resolved!

✪ Star Driver - anime
I am not ashamed to admit that I watched this because I shipped Takuto with Sugata... but primarily because Takuto has a magical boy transformation (LOL), calls himself Galactic Pretty Boy (Ginga Bishounen), and his butt is pretty.

Those are my impure reasons. And I thoroughly enjoyed the show (if only for the couple of times Wako--the main female character--imagined Takuto and Sugata together).

✪ D-Frag! - anime
School comedy with a dash of unrequited love (so far. Who knows what the future has in store for this motley crew-- well, the creator, most likely). Kazama Kenji gets threatened into the Game Creation Club, the home of some slightly weird characters.

Tbh, I wasn't even sure if I wanted to watch it at first, but ahhh I'm ultimately curious how Kazama will fare in the club. As of the latest episode, it seems like he's fitting in and capturing hearts (not bad, Kazama Kenji. No matter what, I'm on your side).

✪ Buddy Complex - anime
MECHA... totally put me off, but the prospect of shipping Aoba and Dio was too much. And my change of heart was rewarded immensely because this anime's mecha concept is very, very gay. From "Let's coupling!" to Aoba and Dio's incredibly high level of compatibility (although Aoba is technically compatible with everyone) to the principle that serves as the very backbone of the Coupling System... Love. (No one believes that it's a joke, okay. No one.)

... but then this will probably end up like KKM where everyone and their brother is all about Yuuri/Wolfram and I'm sitting in my little corner shipping it the other way around. Sigh.

✪ Noragami - anime & manga
This isn't really on top of the list in terms of level of anticipation. I mostly watch because Yato is cute, cool, and amusing, and Yukine is kind of cute, and overall the plot is really interesting-- huh. Okay, let's just say I like it, but I really can't get into it that much. Maybe it's the lack of ridiculously hot male characters... then again, maybe not.

✪ Witch Craft Works - anime
In which Kagari (the princess of the school) has this cool, mysterious aura and refers to Takamiya-kun as her Princess. Later on they start living together and get so domestic aaaaa they are just-- so adorable.

✪ Strange+ - anime
Another anime that overflows with weird, only it gives its weirdness in little bite-sized episodes. Ahh, I highly recommend watching this for people who want to be entertained for 5 minutes at a time hahaha

✪ Toriko - manga
... what. Okay, I'm 130+ chapters into this manga right now (that's practically 50%!) and even now I'm still asking myself... what the hell am I doing. The bara doesn't really bother me, though. It's more that I find Toriko weirdly cute and consequently ship him with... people...

That aside, I'm totally hooked.

✪ Kill la Kill - anime

... it's like that, you know.

The anime and manga that I've been following before this period haven't been mentioned because then the list would go on and I don't have the emotional stability for that. So that's about it!

Until next time. OTL
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